Wisconsin Science Festival!

Our group participated in this years Wisconsin Science Festival! We had a booth at the Discovery Expo and Science on the Square. We had many wonderful demos and a lot of fun sharing our knowledge with our community here in Madison!

Group Hike at Devil’s Lake State Park

With numbered nice days left in the year, our group took a trip out to Devil’s Lake State Park to see the Fall colors! There was lots of hiking, swimming, food, and most importantly laughs. More adventures to come for the Bergmann group!

Welcome, new undergraduate student Muneeza Munawar!

Muneeza joined the group at during the Fall semester of 2022. She is a junior majoring in physics and astronomy.

Joint Postdoc Position in Nonlinear X-ray Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stanford University/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Postdoc Posting

Welcome, rotation student Sophie Vogelsang!

Sophie Vogelsang is a rotating chemistry student. She recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Chemistry and History of Art and completed her undergraduate thesis in Dr. Lauren Buchanan’s research group.