Real-Time Chemical Reactions and Structural Changes​

Selected Publications

Bhowmick et al, Structural evidence for intermediates during O2 formation in photosystem II, Nature 617, 629–636 (2023) pdf

Bergmann et al, Using X-ray free-electron lasers for spectroscopy of molecular catalysts and metalloenzymes, Nature Reviews Physics (2021) pdf

Attar et al, Simultaneous Observation of Carrier-Specific Redistribution and Coherent Lattice Dynamics in 2H-MoTe2 with Femtosecond Core-Level Spectroscopy, ACS Nano 14, 11, 1529 (2020) pdf

Kern et al, Structures of the intermediates of Kok’s photosynthetic water oxidation clock, Nature, 563, 421-425 (2018) pdf

Lin et al, Ultrafast non-radiative dynamics of atomically thin MoSe2, Nature Communications, 8, 1745 (2017) pdf

Mara et al, Metalloprotein entatic control of ligand-metal bonds quantified by ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy, Science, 356, 1276 (2017) pdf

Kern, Simultaneous Femtosecond X-ray Spectroscopy and Diffraction of Photosystem II at Room Temperature, Science, 340, 491-495 (2013) pdf

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