• New Postdoc Coming Soon!

    Congratulations to Rafaella Georgiou for winning the HORIZON Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship. Rafaella will join our group for two years in early 2023. Rafaella will use X-ray spectroscopy to probe the chemical speciation of paint materials …

  • Proud of Our Teaching Assistants!

    Congratulations to Minhal and Jake on their teaching assistant awards! Minhal was awarded Best Fall Teaching Assistant for 2021 and Jake was awarded Outstanding Undergraduate Assistant for Spring 2022.

  • Hosting the Colloquium Speaker

    This week, Professor Bergmann hosted the colloquium speaker, Mark Hunter. Mark visited us all the way from SLAC National Accelerator Lab to share how we can use XFELs to study structural biology!

  • Ryan and Berta’s Birthdays!

    This week in our group meeting, we celebrated Ryan and Berta’s birthdays! Happy birthday to you both!

  • Two Down, One to Go

    The second one of our vacuum chambers was leak tested by a couple of our students (from left to right, Zain, Berta). The test went well and it’s now found its home in the lab!

  • Minhal’s Birthday!

    This week in our group meeting, we celebrated Minhal’s birthday! Happy birthday, Minhal!

  • New Semester – New Graduate Students

    We are excited to start the new semester with two new graduate students! We welcomed Minhal Gardezi and previous rotation student Roberta Candela to our group in early January.

  • Laser Installation

    The laser has been installed and now our students are ready to be trained. Thank you Adam for the installation!

  • Ready for Laser Installation

    With the optical tables installed and ready to go, we were able to finally take the laser out of the box and get it up on the table. The next step is to have the …

  • The Tables Have Finally Arrived!

    After some delays, our optical tables have finally arrived. They are fully installed and ready for the optics!  

  • Welcome, graduate student Minhal Gardezi!

    Minhal will join the group this coming Spring semester. In the Spring of 2020 she graduated from Wellesley College, where she studied Physics and Computer Science. She completed her undergraduate thesis and post-graduate research fellowship …

  • Dinner with our Growing Group!

    With a third undergraduate, a rotation student, and another graduate student to join in the spring, our larger group had one more dinner this semester while Uwe was still in town at the Vintage Brewing …

  • Welcome, rotation student Roberta Candela!

    Roberta Candela is a rotating biophysics student who most recently was working in a bioengineering lab. She recently graduated from Arizona State with a B.S in Biophysics and was a member of Dr. Scott Sayres’ …

  • Hike with the Josh Vura-Weis group at Starved Rock State Park on October 9, 2021

    Taking advantage of one of the last few nice weekends this semester, our group met up with the Josh Vura-Weis group from UIUC for a hike at Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, IL. We …

  • Graduate student, Zain Abhari, gives talk to the Board of Visitors on October 7, 2021

    We are proud to see Zain Abhari giving a presentation at the Board of Visitors meeting on October 7, 2021. The video will be posted here soon!

  • Watch the Investiture Lecture of Uwe Bergmann held on September 8, 2021

    Watch the lecture here

  • Welcome, new undergraduate student, Max Hanson!

    Max joined the group at the start of the Fall 2021 semester, and is a junior double majoring in Physics and Mathematics.

  • Group visit to the Josh Vura-Weis lab at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Our group, Uwe, Ryan, and Zain (from left to right), visited Josh Vura-Weis’s (right) XUV lab at UIUC. The purpose of the visit was to learn and see what a functioning XUV lab was like, …

  • Welcome, graduate student Masoud Lazemi!

    Masoud Lazemi started his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Frank de Groot and Prof. Uwe Bergmann at Utrecht University in April 2021. He is an early-stage researcher (ESR) within the SMART-X Network and will …

  • Bucky Meets the Team!

    On the way to a nice evening at the Memorial Union Terrace, our group stopped for a photo opportunity with our mascot, Bucky Badger!

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