Real-Time Chemical Reactions and Structural Changes​

Selected Publications

Ash et al, X-FAST: A versatile, high-throughput, and user-friendly XUV femtosecond absorption spectroscopy tabletop instrument, Rev Sci Instrum 94, 073004 (2023) pdf

Bhowmick et al, Structural evidence for intermediates during O2 formation in photosystem II, Nature 617, 629–636 (2023) pdf

Bergmann et al, Using X-ray free-electron lasers for spectroscopy of molecular catalysts and metalloenzymes, Nature Reviews Physics (2021) pdf

Attar et al, Simultaneous Observation of Carrier-Specific Redistribution and Coherent Lattice Dynamics in 2H-MoTe2 with Femtosecond Core-Level Spectroscopy, ACS Nano 14, 11, 1529 (2020) pdf

Kern et al, Structures of the intermediates of Kok’s photosynthetic water oxidation clock, Nature, 563, 421-425 (2018) pdf

Lin et al, Ultrafast non-radiative dynamics of atomically thin MoSe2, Nature Communications, 8, 1745 (2017) pdf

Mara et al, Metalloprotein entatic control of ligand-metal bonds quantified by ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy, Science, 356, 1276 (2017) pdf

Kern, Simultaneous Femtosecond X-ray Spectroscopy and Diffraction of Photosystem II at Room Temperature, Science, 340, 491-495 (2013) pdf

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