New Semester, New Faces!

This semester, we welcome three new members to our group!

Our new post doc, Rafaella Georgiou will use X-ray spectroscopy to probe the chemical speciation of paint materials that led to a revolution in the 15th century, namely the transition from tempera to oil painting in Italy that marked the beginning of the great period of Renaissance art and the creation of some of the most revered masterpieces of all time.

We also welcome two new graduate students, Sophie Vogelsang and Caleb Robinson. Sophie recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Chemistry and History of Art and completed her undergraduate thesis in Dr. Lauren Buchanan’s research group. Caleb graduated from Rice University in May 2022 with his Bachelor of Science in physics and a minor in mathematics. As a member of the Killian Research Group at Rice, he wrote his senior thesis on implementing a new source of 422 nm laser light used for imaging ultracold strontium plasmas.